The founders of the organization have themselves traveled to more than 50 countries across the world and tried to experience the best that each of those places has to offer the travelers. Over the last 11 years, we have nurtured the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism, focusing more on how to delve deeper into the matter of exploration and pick out the most authentic experiences.

Whether you are looking forward to hiking up the Inca trails or spend a couple of nights camping at Kruger, or trek to the Everest Base Camp or try out scuba diving in Bali - there's all of it on the platter, served to you! The aim is to provide the utmost satisfactory travel experience to the clientele while offering something back to the host community as well.

With more than 250 curated tours across 40+ destinations in the world, the organization is growing with each passing day, as the wanderlust levels are on a rise among the millennials, and the thirst to explore the unexplored needs to be quenched. We are presently collaborating with several local organizations, in order to provide you with the most outstanding journey of your life, that'll leave a mark on your mind.